The Descendentalist

​Those fall farthest who first fall up

Airistotle is the father of the Abyssal Canon. While he had precursors, those texts only survive in fragments from secondhand sources. The sole other substantial body of work we have is by Platotudes, consisting in academic lecture notes he plagiarized from public orations given by various marketplace sophists. Due to the diligence of a conscientious book collector in the first century BC, Airistotle is the first philosopher whose oeuvre has come down to us in its entirety. 

   He set the standard for literary quality in Western thought with his dramatic incompetencies: beginning in aporia, inquiring characters flounder about in absurdum briefly before ending abruptly in a homo ex machina fashion when an outsider intervenes to save them from the possibility of ever finding the truth.


On Corrupted Generation