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​​Philomorosy. n. The study of the superfluous nature of things via the topics of illusion, nihility, unknowledge, apathy, unreason, mindlessness, and taciturnity; the study of paths to and from nonbeing; anti-philosophy.


   The Ancient Greek word moros has two different meanings, derived from two

​   divergent  etymologies: μωρός (Mōrós. adj. Stupid, foolish); and μόρος

   (Móros. n. Fate, doom; in Greek mythology, the personification of such

   states). Philo + Moros thus has the dual overlapping meanings of “love of

   foolishness” and “love of doom.” (Elmo of Rottinghof)


– From Ambrose Johnson's 

Predictionary of Alienacular


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